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“It’s the climate, stupid.”

That’s the overall impression I was left with, after disagreeing with someone about the importance of space exploration. I had an unfortunate round with this person on social media a short time ago, over whether or not humans should continue with space exploration since climate change was the greater concern for our species. So great, or so this person thought, that endeavors such as space exploration were a waste of time and resources. Resources that could be better ‘spent’ elsewhere.

What a short-sighted, ignorant, pessimistic stance.

I disagreed with this person’s sentiment on so many levels…

Photo by little plant on Unsplash

I remember, growing up in the 80s, I’d check out books from my school library about various conspiracies and cryptids: Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, UFOs, ancient astronauts, ghosts, Atlantis. Some of my favorite Choose Your Own Adventure books featured such things as their main story element. These seemed like fun ‘what if’ scenarios, hinting to my young mind that we hadn’t fully explored our universe; that there were still things out there we didn’t understand. While I agree with that sentiment as an adult, I do so through the lens of science, instead of modern myths and conspiracy theories…

A society’s values can be ascertained through its art. The beliefs of its citizenry, the ideals it wishes to teach its children and leave as a reminder for future generations. Art is self-expression and mirror, question and answer. Statues are an important part of that.

They are not history.

One of humanity’s most common expressions is to erect figures of its gods. From the crude mother goddess idols of Neolithic societies, to Artemis of Ephesus, to Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer.

These are not history, with the exception of specific artifacts that are lone survivors of the culture that…

art by Kalina Vova

Wow, watch that rocket go! I can feel the air hitting me from the thrust, just like you said it would. It keeps on going, up and up and up…wait, all I can see is the thin white exhaust trail now. Are they in space yet? I hope their suits will keep them warm up there, you know, since it’s so cold. Daddy, that was so cool! One day I’ll be in one of those. One day, I’ll be an astronaut!

I love you, Daddy.


Hey Dad. I tried to get the better grades you said I needed. It’s…

artwork by © Sergey Khakimullin

As I walked my dog Mia last night I gazed up at the Moon for several minutes. Our tidally-locked satellite has never ceased to fascinate me, even though our species has visited it numerous times, called those visitations into question with childish conspiracy theories, and now plans to return, this time to stay. But to me the Moon is more than a mere satellite; it is another world. I never forget this each time I scrutinize its craters and wide, waterless expanses. It is a world with possibilities. Such things drive my imagination. Imagination melds with hopes and ideas into…

I should have been prepared for the conspiracy theories, wanna-be militia protests, arrogant demands on service workers, and flagrant disregard for the safety of others by not wearing a mask or practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic — but I wasn’t. I should have known that the spoiled, entitled, and selfish elements of our society would eagerly voice their alleged right to get a hamburger or receive a haircut while endangering people’s lives, but I was surprised and appalled. I expected Trump to deflect blame and lie about his stupid, lazy response to this crisis, but I didn’t realize…

image licensed from Dreamstime

The COVID-19 outbreak has ushered shut-ins across the world as well as social distancing, layoffs, and all the uncertainty associated with those things. While there are many who remain foolish and ignore these precautions, the rest of us are closeted in our homes or, at the very least, are avoiding public areas save for the purchase of food and necessities.

The pandemic has encouraged what I refer to as ‘reality bubbles’. This is different than the information bubbles we often encounter, such as someone who only watches one news network while avoiding other sources of information. A reality bubble is…

Over the last couple of years, I have been seeking out books from my childhood that made an impression on me. Books that I don’t currently own, and haven’t read since grade school. There is more than nostalgia at work here, or a science fiction writer’s version of a mid-life crisis. I’m peeling back layers of time to compare what I read in them, with not only the world of today, but the person that I have become.

It’s a journey without roads, or even a map. By finding extant copies of these works, I feel like I am looking…

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